art@plush 6 news + open gardens at plush

art @ plush 6 16 – 31 may 2009

ceramics | paintings | print | sculpture
also open gardens at plush may 24 + 25

art@plush6 has a botanical theme and showcases six artists through the house and garden.
With a Private View on the opening day (2 – 6 pm), new this year are book signing sessions (2 – 5 pm) with two author illustrators - Valerie Oxley with “Botanical Illustration” on 17th and 24th May, and Sally Pinhey on 31st May with “Natural Dyes” (co-authored with Judy Hardman).

There is a very rich array of art - unusual garden punctuation; stunning sculpture made entirely from recycled materials standing in the garden or hanging on the wall; colourful abstract paintings - visual poetry inspired by walks along the coastal paths, cliffs and beaches near Sennen in Cornwall; photographic plant and grass studies; detailed academic botanical
illustrations and beautiful drawings and paintings of garden and woodland plants.

For Open Gardens at Plush on May 24th + 25th (Bank Holiday Sunday + Monday), park in Jock’s Field opposite the Brace of Pheasants, pick up a map with routes to the eight village gardens open, buy some plants, enjoy homemade teas, see the classic car display at Millers Barn – as well as enjoying the art ! Some sculpture will be placed in some of the Open Gardens for the 24th + 25th.

The weeks running up to exhibitions are filled with planning, mailings and detail and then there is the task of taking down all the paintings and prints hanging through our house and stowing them away as well as the photographs, sculpture, papers, magazines and the elements of daily family life. For a few days, the empty walls seem bleak and the spaces echo. Then the artists arrive with their work and there is once again a rich array of framed and unframed works and the task of what to hang where begins. Curating is always a team effort and I am so delighted that Fiona Wood is coming to help again.

The work exhibited really speaks for itself – it is always a pleasure to have such amazing works in the house and the garden – and to open for as many as possible to view and enjoy.

Combining art@plush 6 with open gardens seemed a brilliant notion some months back, but became far more daunting as the garden appeared from the winter frosts. The snowdrops and daffodils were bright reminders of the coming spring but the consequence of the late winter snows and intense temperatures as low as –13 became very apparent. So many established plants have been lost and some beds decimated. Now I know what is involved in removing a dead 5’ high Phormium Tenax, so please make some allowance if you spot too many weeds in the garden and wonder why there are so many new plants. You can though admire our very new and substantial compost bin system !

Once again art @ plush 6 will be supporting The Winchester Cancer Trust which pioneers research and has a roll out effect to help surgeons throughout the UK and thus helps to support many women with Breast Cancer. “Breast Reconstruction Your Choice” written by Dick Rainsbury (Chief Trustee) and Virginia Straker should be more widely available to women facing drastic surgery - copies of the book are available here. I had been through this hoop myself three years ago and came through it determined to give something back. Passing on a proportion of my commission continues a good idea and it has also been an
opportunity for ladies suffering or recovering from surgery or treatment, to come and find a little peace and enjoyment in a sometimes stressful world.

venue | millers barn plush dorset dt2 7rj
open | may 16 – 31 2009 weekends 12 – 6 pm | weekdays 2 - 5 pm
private view | may 16 2 - 6 pm
book signing | may 17 + 24 Valerie Oxley 2 - 5 pm
| may 31 Sally Pinhey 2 - 5 pm
open gardens | may 24 + 25 2 - 5 pm

If you are interested in the work of a particular gallery artist or would like to consider art collections for your office on a 3 month revolving programme, or would like any more information, do get in touch.

Dot Browning