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PRESS RELEASE 7th January 2009

art@plush 5 | 29th november – 14th december

art@plush 5 showcased four professional artists – Dorset based Harriet Barber and John Hinchcliffe, the Independent’s Dave Brown and Zurich based Tim Grosvenor alongside jewellery designer maker Hanne Ashmead and Stoneform’s Zoe Cull and Alex Evans. The venue was Millers Barn in Plush, and once again, the exhibition supports two Breast Cancer charities – The Winchester Cancer Trust and the West Dorset Breast Cancer Support Group.

This annual exhibition with a mailing list towards 2000 injected some much needed warmth and lightness as well as respite from the economic climate. For a number of visitors, themselves mid treatment for Breast Cancer, it was a chance to lose themselves in the considerable variety of work by artists who to quote Richard Plincke RI : “have one attribute in common, that of individuality. The effect is one of variety, ranging from the simplicity and directness of Tim Grosvenor, through a very different kind of directness in Dave Brown’s cartoons, via the more concentrated pleasure of Hanne Ashmead’s jewellery to the breadth of treatment seen in the paintings by Harriet Barber and the Hinchcliffe ceramics invariably adventurous in their concept, with an integral sense of movement. The exhibition relies on expressive work. It is full of ideas and rich in its variety.”

art@plush is very grateful to Sabins Deli + Catering for their sponsorship towards the private view catering, to Pasfield & Park for taking on part of the framing costs of the Dave Brown original cartoons, and to Fiona Wood for her enthusiasm and expertise in helping to curate and hang the exhibition.

Although visitor numbers were down this year, the venue - Millers Barn – is deep in the folds of the Dorset landscape in Plush so finding us after dark did prove difficult for some. But despite the current economic gloom and the exhibition being held so late this year amid the run up to Christmas, the reaction from visitors was very positive and we achieved the highest sales to date at a little over £9,500. It has been pure privilege to have such stunning artwork hanging.

Harriet Barber has two young children and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2008. art@plush 5 gave her a focus as she suffered the side effects of chemotherapy, to continue painting albeit in the studio rather than in the great outdoors as is her norm. She has been happy for me to publicise her situation and many have been very touched by her age and her tremendous paintings and have very readily purchased her cards – all proceeds benefit the two charities. Harriet is an inspiration and her work is stunning - she is going to position herself in our garden soon as she is fascinated by the view of the trees complete with rooks and their nests as viewed from my husband’s glass studio and at least she will have a steady supply of tea, coffee and hot soup while she works !

The overall cost of putting on the exhibition is some £1,200 so following closure, the various transactions for purchase of artwork, the schedule of expenditure and sales has established the sums to be passed on :

West Dorset Breast Cancer Support Group receive a cheque for £250 and a painting worth in excess of £300 to be used for future fundraising.

The Winchester Cancer Trust receive a cheque for £700 with a further donation cheque in the sum of £25.

art@plush has also arranged for four Carolyne Kardia acrylic paintings to hang on permanent loan in the new Chemotherapy Unit at Dorchester County Hospital.

Dot Browning
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